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Check out our feel good short on Vimeo

Film about fly fishing for trout, arctic char and grayling in Swedish Lapland

Rinse & Repeat is 17 minutes of fly fishing feel goodness from the waters of Swedish Lapland. With shady camera work and a killer Creative Commons soundtrack, it's probably the best 17 minutes you could waste today.

It's about the Trout, the Char and the Grayling, but most of all it's about all the best things in fly fishing for us: big country and wide open spaces, gin-clear waters, friendship and fish willing to rise and take flies.

kuksaa is finally live

an ongoing journey of exploration in to the gin-clear waters of fly fishing

Conceived over a good few years and after months of being almost ready, our online HQ finally sees the light of day - Hooray! It's all about fishing, traveling, fly tying and all manner of fly fishing related foolings around.

It's an adventure into fly fishing from a pair of Finnish design professionals who are always hungry for new places to fish, people to meet and broaden our horizons around this glorious pastime.