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Miekak Days

A coffee table book of fly fishing experiences at a very special fishery in Swedish Lapland.

The Miekak fishery in Swedish Lapland, just north of the Arctic Circle, is a part of the truly unspoiled wilderness areas left in Europe. The big country of rugged beauty, crystal clear waters and healthy natural stocks of fish, willing to take flies, keep us returning there season after season.

Miekak Days is our homage to this beautiful and special place, that has truly made a home in our hearts. A 156 page coffee table book of fly fishing experiences in pictures, maps and personal diary accounts.


The Fly of the Season

The Black Jake or Musta-Jaska, as it's natively known, is our fly of the season 2013

This big & burly, heavy and dark toned (some would also say ugly) Stonefly pattern has claimed a steady top spot in our fly boxes during the last couple of seasons. Originally tied for those deep swimming Arctic Chars of Lapland -

It has really come to prove itself, not only as a Char fly, but in fact a very effective all-round fly for Trout as well as larger Grayling in both still and faster flowing water all around the Nordics


Twig Burning Camp Stove

Build yourself an inexpensive and portable twig burning camp stove from Ikea cutlery pots

When you're out there hiking or fishing away from camp, there's nothing quite like taking a break to fry a freshly caught trout or getting fresh coffee on the boil. Why sacrifice space in your pack carrying heavy and expensive fuel, when all you need are twigs and pine cones laying all around you.

This DIY twig burning camp stove is an easy-to-build, compact and an efficient way to cook your meals on-the-go. All you need is two Ikea Ordning cutlery pots, four 15cm bolts, metal shears, iron file and about half an hour (or about) of your time.


All that fishing gear

What's in your bag and how much does it all really weigh?

Have you ever wondered how much weight you carry with you when fishing? Or have you counted how many items you need to remember and take care of. After a long day of lugging it all around with you, miles away from

anywhere, you just might start to feel the weight on your drained body. Check out what our Toni has on, and with him, and his thoughts on continuously optimizing it all for the future.


White Craft Fur Minnow

A step-by-step guide to a simple and effective small fry streamer

Spring time is streamer time and kicking off our series of favourite streamers is this easy quick tie white minnow pattern. The streamer is effective all through the season when small fry are present in the rivers -

however, it really shines early on the season when the Common Bleak and Common Roach start rising to the rivers around May. Check out the how-to video after the jump.


Check out our feel good short on Vimeo

Fly fishing for trout, arctic char and grayling in windy Swedish Lapland

Wind in the Whiskers is 14 minutes of fly fishing goodness from the cold and windy waters of Miekak in Swedish Lapland. As always, it's about the Trout,

the Char and the Grayling, but most of all it's about the fun of fly fishing and the challenges of the ever changing weather and water conditions.


Recycle your old waders

A do-it-yourself weather resistant messenger -style fishing bag

Craft yourself a handy weather resistant fishing bag from your old worn out waders with this step-by-step guide. Great for carrying your spare tackle, fly boxes, change of clothes, sandwiches -

or even your trusty coffee pot. All you need for this project is a pair of old waders, some basic sewing kit and a working knowledge of how to use it. A little patience and a weekend or two of your spare time.


Knots ahoy -A Guide to Knots

Seven most useful knots around for the fly fisher

With a good couple of months left before open water in these parts, it's time to go through the gear and replace that broken down and worn out tackle with shiny new stuff -ready for the new season. The knots ahoy guide

contains seven step-by-step instructions for the most common and useful knots that we use - from setting up a reel with backing to attaching flies to the tippet -handy!


Langinkoski, Finland

Early season destination for sea run brown trout in Kotka, Southern Finland

Langinkoski rapids on the mouth of the river Kymi is perhaps one of the best fly fishing only river destinations for sea run brown trout remaining in Southern Finland.

Situated only just over an hour's drive from Helsinki and with it's long history of sport fishing makes 'Lankkari' a popular venue

among anglers looking to hook that early season sea trout or even the occasional salmon.

The fishing season on the river begins as soon as the ice cover has melted and is at it's best in May when the bait fish such as the smelt and the common bleak rise to the river -luring in the trout behind them.


Flies for northern waters

10 all-round flies for Trout, Arctic Char and Grayling

For us the waters of Lapland are about all the best things in fly fishing: big country, wide open spaces, gin-clear waters, and trophy sized fish willing

to take small flies. Here are our top 10 flies for northern waters. A set without which we would simply not feel comfortable going.