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Fly fishing for trout, arctic char and grayling in windy Swedish Lapland

Wind in the Whiskers is 14 minutes of fly fishing goodness from the cold and windy waters of Miekak in Swedish Lapland. As always, it's about the Trout,

the Char and the Grayling, but most of all it's about the fun of fly fishing and the challenges of the ever changing weather and water conditions.

Miekak, North West Sweden

The rugged wilderness setting for Wind in the Whiskers

Miekak is situated in Central Lapland, Sweden, about 50 km north of the Arctic Circle. Right in the middle of the high mountain region of Lapland by the source-tributary of the famous Pite River. It's one of the true unspoiled wilderness areas left in Europe.

Miekak area consists of about 20 mountain lakes small and large, as well as over 10 km of gin-clear rivers and streams. It's known also for it's large natural stocks of Trout, Grayling and Arctic Char.

For us it's just one of those special places that we find coming back to year after year. We can go even as far as to say that the season feels incomplete if we don't get to fish here.

First time we came here was about a decade ago. It was a lucky find (I suppose many of the best things are), when Jussi was looking for something special for his father's 60th birthday.

And boy, did he find it. What a special place. With a huge amount of different types of waters to fish there's always something new to learn and techniques to refine. Sometimes it's easy, but more often than not. It's challenging - but always rewarding. It's such a great learning experience to fish familiar pools with new found techniques and skills for better results. As well as finding new unfamiliar spots to try on each visit.

It's also one of the few places we have visited that can yield trophy sized fish on drys every year. There's nothing quite like hooking a good 50 cm trout on a size 16 fly and a delicate leader - watch that torpedo go.

There's going to be a proper write up of the place sometime in the future, but in the meantime, watch the short and check out the pictures above. If you are thinking about going you can find out more about the details here.

Finally,here are a few essential patterns for Miekak. Without these we wouldn't feel comfortable going. Tight lines.

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