Miekak Days

A coffee table book of fly fishing experiences at a very special fishery in Swedish Lapland.

The Miekak fishery in Swedish Lapland, just north of the Arctic Circle, is a part of the truly unspoiled wilderness areas left in Europe. The big country of rugged beauty, crystal clear waters and healthy natural stocks of fish, willing to take flies, keep us returning there season after season.

Miekak Days is our homage to this beautiful and special place, that has truly made a home in our hearts. A 156 page coffee table book of fly fishing experiences in pictures, maps and personal diary accounts.


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Miekak Days
By Jussi Niemi & Jani Länsimäki

ISBN ISBN 978-952-93-7104-4

Size: 220mm x 220mm, 4 colour, Hardcover, 156 pages

Price 34,90 € + Postage


The setting

Miekak is situated in northern Lapland, Sweden, about 50 km north of the Arctic Circle. Right in the middle of the high mountain region of Lapland as the source-tributary of the famous Pite River.

The fishery area consists of about 20 mountain lakes small and large, as well as over 10 km of gin-clear rivers and streams. It's known for its large natural and healthy stocks of trout, grayling and arctic char.

So far it has been the setting of our two short feel good films Wind in the Whiskers and Rinse & Repeat, but we always felt that the place deserved a more in-depth look too.

An article of some kind to give an idea of what the fishery really can offer to a adventuring fly fisher -The scenery, the waters and the fish.

And so, over the last winter months of 2015, Miekak Days coffee table book was born. In our minds, a beautiful physical object to have and to hold.

Something to be picked up and flicked through when with like-minded friends. When the conversation inevitably turns to fly fishing and adventures past.


What is in the book?

Well, let’s start with what’s not. Miekak Days is not a guide book on techniques and how to fish these waters. Nor is it just a description of the fishery area (boring), or fish porn for that matter (boring and pretentious).

Miekak Days is organised into 6 chapters based around the concept of arriving at the fishery and fishing 4 very different settings in the area with a fly rod. The still waters of Sarta, the rapids of Sidosrtömmen, the Lådda -stream and the mighty Pieske.

It’s about how we’ve come to know this place and how we’ve experienced it so far. Hopefully in an informative and entertaining format, that has something to give both the seasoned and the first time visitor alike.

The book is laid out in a clean and minimalistic style with an emphasis on the unadulterated photos and texts to accompany them. It’s about how the majestic scenery and the experiences vary from day to day and season to season - viewed through the camera lens.



Areas and maps

Since the very early years we had always had some kind of maps with us when fishing these areas. They are a good way of seeing the lay of the land -as they say, and a big help in figuring out the potential hotspots to try.

As each chapter is about a particular area in the fishery, we have marked out some of the better pools, nooks and crannies of that area in which we’ve had some luck fishing wise. Some of these hotspots we’ve stumbled upon over the years and some have been told us by kind folk with more experience and knowledge.

And now we are paying that forward. These are by no means the only -or even the best-potential pools around the area, but will get you started onto a great fishing adventure.


From the diary

We wanted to create this book as a very personal take on this special place -not just a description of the fishery. We wanted to put on paper the little incidents fondly remembered and brought up in conversation -still after many years.

These little diary snippets in the book tell the successes, the many missed and dropped fish (some landed too). The old friends we have been lucky enough to take there, and the new friends we have met along the way.

Something we feel that fly fishing people everywhere can relate to.

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