White Craft Fur Minnow

A step-by-step guide to a simple and effective small fry streamer

Spring time is streamer time and kicking off our series of favourite streamers is this easy quick tie white minnow pattern. The streamer is effective all through the season when small fry are present in the rivers -

however, it really shines early on the season when the Common Bleak and Common Roach start rising to the rivers around May. Check out the how-to video after the jump.

Tying the Craft Fur Minnow

This pattern (like most of our streamers these days) is a body-less wing-only pattern that relies heavily on it's teardrop shape and lively wing action in the water. Craft Fur is a soft synthetic hair like material and when using it without the mat (that it comes attached to),

it has a nice undulating action in the water and a natural taper for forming wings. The hair is usually long enough to form wings from 7 cm to 12 cm, which in our experience is the most usable streamer size.


The Pattern


# 2-4 Short Shank Streamer


White and black


Pearl Blue Angel Hair


White Craft Fur & Pearl Blue Angel Hair


Black Craft Fur & Black fox


Red hackle barbs



Starting out

Fasten the hook to a vice and wind on .20 lead wire to it (about half way along the shank should be enough). Wind on the thread and progress to the end of the hook, covering the lead wire.

Building the wing

Form a short Angel Hair tail. Attach a slightly longer Craft Fur bunch and double it over. Build up the wing this way with each bunch longer than the previous. Add few strands of Angel Hair in between for shine.

Forming the back

Form the back of the fly from a thin bunch of black Craft Fur. Fasten the bunch from it's middle and double over. The length should be slightly shorter than the wing itself.

The throat

Change your thread to black. Now Catch on red hackle barbs for the throat (barbs pointing forwards). Double them over and fasten with a few turns of thread.

Finishing the back

Tie on some black fox to build up form on the fly, also making it easier to form the head. The length should be about half of the black Craft Fur back.

Final touches

Form head and whip finish. Add lacquer to finish the head. Trim excess from the wing if needed (the wing should have a distinct tear drop shape).

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