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Miekak Days

fly fishing experiences at a very special fishery in Swedish Lapland

The Black Jake

Or Musta-Jaska as it's also known, is our most effective fly pattern of season 2013.

DIY Camp Stove

Build yourself a twig burning camp stove from two Ikea Ordning cutlery pots.

All that fishing gear

Have you ever wondered how much weight you carry with and on you when fishing?

Craft Fur Minnow

A video step-by-step for a simple and effective small fry pattern Craft Fur Minnow.

Wind in the Whiskers

Feel good short film about fishing in windy Swedish Lapland.

Recycled waders

Craft yourself a handy weather resistant fishing bag from your old worn out waders.

Knots ahoy

Seven step-by-step instructions for the most common and useful knots around.

Langinkoski, Finland

Early season river destination for sea run brown trout in Kotka, Southern Finland.

Flies for Lapland

Our top flies for northern waters. A set without which we would simply not go.

Rinse & Repeat

Video for feel good fishing for trout, char & grayling in Swedish Lapland.

Hello world!

Finally, the ongoing journey of exploration in to the gin-clear waters of fly fishing begins.