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This is loclouds

an ongoing journey of exploration in to the gin-clear waters of fly fishing

loclouds is an independent fly fishing collective. We are always hungry for new places to fish, interesting people to meet and new opportunities to explore and broaden our horizons around this glorious past time of ours.

Explored and documented by four intrepid anglers from Helsinki, with a passion for aesthetics, craftsmanship and fly fishing for salmonids -who sometimes manage to catch them too.


So, what for?

We want to get more out of our fly fishing. More experiences, more opportunities, more time to spend as we please -more days out on the waters.

We also feel, that the places we are lucky enough to visit as anglers, the time and effort put into fly fishing, as well as the amount of knowledge out there, should be represented in a creative, entertaining and well designed way. We, for what it’s worth, want to be a part of that.

We aim to keep our thing crisp, clean, straight forward and practical (advice if we happen to have some ). The kind of thing we ourselves look for.

We’re also looking into all manner of creative projects from tees to books to events and travel, so hey, who knows what the future brings our way.

It's an indie thing

loclouds is an independent fly fishing collective. We are not affiliated with, working for or sponsored by any agency, product or

manufacturer (not that we wouldn't mind, but this is how it stands at the moment). -So, any opinions, endorsements or whatever we happen to have, are therefore completely from personal experiences and preferences. Enjoy!